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History of Zanesville High School

Pictured to your left, is the book History of Zanesville High School. It was written by Norris F. Schneider. A native of Lowell, Ohio, Norris came to Zanesville High School in September 1921 to teach English. With the exception of a one-year leave of absence to write one of his many works, he remained on the ZHS faculty for the next 42 years. 

Among his many influences at ZHS was the selection of the school's alma mater, advising the yearbook and starting the school newspaper. Perhaps more than anything, Norris was also known as a prolific writer, especially of local history. His sabbatical during the 1949-50 school year was to complete Y Bridge City: the Story of Zanesville and Muskingum County, Ohio, the most definitive historical work of the area.

Permission to use this book was given by Norris Schneider's Son Franz and Don Mathes' daughter, Peg.

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