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Norris Schneider
Founder of the School Newspaper
The ZANESVILLIAN, was the first official publication of Lash High School. It's purpose was to teach the principles of journalism and to provide the student body with school news. Our earliest issue is November 1918, VOLUME IV, No. 5. We have yet to discover Volumes I, II, and III.
The earliest issues were published every Monday during the school year by the newswriting class of Zanesville High School, Zanesville, Ohio. The subscription rate per year was $1.00, or 50 cents for the semester, in advance. Single copies were available for five cents. It was also "entered as second class matter at the post office in Zanesville, Ohio." According to the 1948 Comus, The Zanesvillian was published every Sunday during the school year in THE SUNDAY TIMES-SIGNAL beginning consecutively since 1933. 
The Alumni Association has built a collection of Zanesville High School’s Zanesvillians. The collection is housed in the Alumni Center at the Zanesville City School District Administrative Center, located at 956 Moxahala Avenue. The collection stretches back from 1918 until the early 1970s.
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