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Scholarship Opportunities
In February, ZHS seniors will have the opportunity to obtain an application from the Guidance Office for the Zanesville Alumni Association’s Scholarship. Eligibility includes applicant having been accepted and attending full time at an accredited 2 or 4-year institution. Applications will be available in the Guidance Office in February with a deadline for completion by April.


The Zanesville Alumni Association has always believed that education and academic achievement are important. A goal of the association beginning in 1994 and continuing each year since has been to award a scholarship to a deserving senior. The very first scholarship in the amount of $500.00 was awarded to Leah Mason Hauser in May 1996. From May 1996 through May 2010 nineteen (19) ZHS seniors were awarded a $500.00 scholarship.


With growing memberships, generous gifts, and successful fundraisers, in 2011 one $1,000.00 scholarship was awarded and since 1996 scholarships given have increased to $87,500.00 in scholarships to 97 ZHS Graduating Seniors.


If you know of any seniors at ZHS, please encourage them to request a scholarship application from the Guidance Office. The scholarship committee looks forward to reviewing these applications and choosing a senior or seniors who will represent well ZHS and the Alumni Association in their future educational endeavors.

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